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Call for Submissions: Festival 53 at Trees, Plants and More

Host: Trees, Plants and More
Deadline: October 29
Email to: ringsofsilver09 [at] gmail [dot] com – or use the contact form
Themes: All submissions welcome
Important! Put “Festival of the Trees” in the subject line of your email



This November the Festival of the Trees 53 will be hosted by Arati of the Bangalore-based blog Trees, Plants and More. Festival 53 will be the second issue hosted by Arati (check out her previous issue Festival 38), and she’s leaving this month’s theme open for all tree-related blog posts and contributions.

Followers of Trees, Plants and More know that Arati always provides a tree-licious feast for the eyes and imagination, as with Festival 38 which included jack fruit and the 10 Fruit Trees of Pulau Ubin (among them the amazing rambutan — also known as the hairy lychee, fruit of the Nephelium lappaceum tree in the Sapindaceae family). She’s recently showered us with blooms from the Lalbagh Flower Show, but now invites bloggers to look up into the canopy and share a peek at what’s shaking in the trees.

Prepare your finest arboreal delights and send them to Arati no later than October 29th by midnight in your local time zone.

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