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Call for Submissions: Festival of the Trees 66 at Tree-Party-Central

Host: Your Festival of the Trees Coordinators
Deadline: November 29
Email to: bontasaurus [at] — or use the contact form on our Submit page
Theme: Open
Important! Put “Festival of the Trees” in the subject line of your email

What do you like most about trees? What kinds of trees grow where you live? Why are trees and forests important to you?

Each month we celebrate these and other tree musings with an online celebration hosted by volunteers from around the world. This December we invite you to join us for Festival #66 right here at our blog carnival home.

Our theme is open to all tree-related subjects. We challenge you to think outside the blog: send us a fresh look at an old friend. Need some ideas? Here are five fun ways to take a fresh look at trees:

1)   use chalk to sketch a tree shadow on the sidewalk

2)   visit a local orchard or tree farm

3)   dance with a tree, then try the waltz

4)   sit with the same tree for a few minutes each day

5)   visit a tree or forest you haven’t met in many years

Want some more serious fun? Think of a tree-question you want to answer, plan your own tree-related experiments, and then tell us about your results.

Visit the International Year of Forests website for events to celebrate trees and forests around the world.

Pick a trailhead, wander a bit, and then remember to share your findings with us for the Festival of the Trees 66.


Submission Deadline September 30th

The deadline for submissions to the Festival of the Trees 64 is Friday, September 30th. All things trees – that’s what our host Pip Howard at europeantrees wants to see for October.

Send us permalinks to your thoughtful tree-rooted blog posts and online media, then grab a badge for your blog. Need some inspiration? Take a walk in the woods, or check the call for submissions.

*     *     *

Got room for a tree fort in your blog’s backyard?

Submission Deadline: Sunday, February 27th

The deadline for the next Festival of the Trees fast approaches! Send tree goodies to host Rebecca in the Woods; click here for details.

Remember that we welcome recommendations as well as submissions. If you run across a blog post or news article that seems perfect for the festival, do send it in. Remember also to submit complete permalinks so Rebecca can find submissions quickly.

If you haven’t posted anything about trees yet this month, what are you waiting for? Visit the pine tree in your backyard, the buds swelling in the orchard, or the birds returning to nest in the cottonwoods. Of reaching rhododendrons, blog! Of savanna treetops, blog! Make way, the Festival! And if you’re feeling especially enthusiastic, volunteers are needed for May and beyond — contact us to host.

Call for Submissions: Festival of the Trees 57 with Rebecca in the Woods

Host: Rebecca in the Woods
Deadline: February 27
Email to: rebecca [dot] deatsman [at] gmail [dot] com — or use the contact form on our Submit page
Theme: Open — all things trees, forests & wood
Important! Put “Festival of the Trees” in the subject line of your email

live oak from Rebecca in the WoodsThe Festival of the Trees 57 will take us to the blog home of regular contributor Rebecca of Rebecca in the Woods. If the Festival of the Trees is partly an exercise in attentiveness and awareness, then we’re sure to be at home among Rebecca’s thoughtful, observant pages where she reports from the dunes of the Georgia coast.

Rebecca is keeping the theme open this month for all things tree. As an environmental educator, her words and images read like friendly invitations to view the natural world through the unencumbered perspectives of youth. When you’re out among the trees this month, try donning a funky pair of shades, or walking the opposite direction on your daily paths, or sitting for a while in the same place, and see what you notice differently. Who and what else share the trees where you live?

Blog your observations and send us the links! Ready for more tree fun? Contact us to volunteer to host an edition of the Festival of the Trees at your blog.

Call for Submissions: Festival 51, O Most Delicious Tree!

Host: Orchards Forever
Deadline: August 29
Email to: amberapple [at] gmail [dot] com – or use the contact form
Themes: Edible Trees
Important! Put “Festival of the Trees” in the subject line of your email

lime tree by Jade Blackwater

lime tree

This September we return to the generous bounties of Orchards Forever where the apple-loving Peg will host The Festival of the Trees 51 for her third issue.

Our theme for Festival 51 is edible trees. Peg wants to tap the wealth of bloggers (and everyone else online) who are bringing in the harvest or planting the spring saplings with visions of sugar plums (or plum cakes) dancing in their heads.

We humans gather many foods from trees, including fruits, seeds and nuts, and some of us leaves and bark. Peg encourages us to share the wonderful tree-derived dishes we cook up, including recipes for ciders, juices, meals, and treats. Are you planting a backyard orchard? Did you beat the birds to the mulberries this year? Perhaps you’ve visited the Forestiere Underground Gardens? Could you sneak us a peek at your heirloom trees? Tell us about your favorite edible trees and share your tree-inspired picnic delights.

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