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Art at the Hangman’s Elm

Kristin Jones with the hangman's elm at Washington Square ParkDid you know that Manhattan’s Washington Square Park had its own blog? Me neither. But the Washington Square Park Blog appears to be a fine exemplar of “hyper-local citizen journalism,” at least by evidenced by a recent post about artist Kristin Jones’ plan for a tree-focused “artistic intervention” on Arbor Day 2013. One tree in each borough of NYC would be designated as the focus of a 24-hour multimedia extravanganza.

The tree she has her eye on for Manhattan is at Washington Square – the famous “Hangman’s Elm” (there seems to be dispute over whether it was actually used for hangings) in the NorthWest corner of the park. I did not realize that tree is 330 years old! Incredible.

Jones and her partner were responsible for “Metronome” – the unique clock (or “artwork/digital timepiece, intended as a modernist meditation on the dissolution of time”) that looms above Union Square on 14th Street.

Of the “Hangman’s Elm,” she says: “All these years this beautiful tree was right under my nose. It makes me angry that I never appreciated it until now.”

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Submission Deadline: Monday, March 28th

The deadline for the Festival of the Trees 58 is Monday, March 28th.

Send in your tree-related submissions to Georgia of the local ecologist blog. Read the call for submissions for details and inspiration.

Remember: you can send more than just your own links. If you find something tree-licious online, share it with us!

Got a blog? Love trees? Volunteers are needed for future editions of the Festival of the Trees — contact us to host.

Call for Submissions: Festival of the Trees 58 with local ecologist

 Tree @ Latitude Festival, Suffolk by Tim Parkinson

photo by Tim Parkinson (Creative Commons Attribution license)

Host: local ecologist
Deadline: March 28
Email to: info [at] — or use the contact form on our Submit page
Theme: Arbor Day celebrations & other real-world tree festivals
Important! Put “Festival of the Trees” in the subject line of your email

Gather your ribbons, flags, and shovels! The Festival of the Trees 58 honors Arbor Day celebrations and other real-world tree festivals. Our returning host is Dr. Georgia Silvera Seamans of the local ecologist, a blog of “wide ranging urban ecological ruminations.” Georgia previously hosted Festivals #33 which covers the tree gamut (silo trees, tree top adventures, anyone?) and #40 which explores the innumerable benefits of trees.

This month we invite you to share the news about tree festivals, Arbor Day tree plantings, and other celebrations of trees and forests. Tree-lighting ceremonies, chain-saw competitions, logging shows, wood crafts, tree-planting events, and giddy woodland frolics are all welcome for a complimentary booth at the Festival of the Trees 58.

Remember you can send us links to news about tree celebrations other than your own. Be sure to submit the complete permalink to your article/post/media so we can include it.

Contact us to volunteer to host an edition of the Festival of the Trees at your blog.

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