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Fall colors still at their height in Berkeley, California

Check out landscape designer Robert Trachtenberg’s photo essay at “Spectacular fall colors on view for all in Berkeley” — a useful reminder for those of us in colder, drearier climes that autumn is not yet over.

Autumn in Los Angeles

treeaware - tulip tree seedsSweetgum and tulip tree reveal their charms to a British ex-pat tree-lover. (Living in close proximity to tulip trees myself, I can confirm that yes, their flowers are just as spectacular as her photos from the Bath Botanical Gardens suggest.) Her blog, Treeaware, is the latest addition to our blogroll.


Fall colors in Puget Sound

 vine maple at Fidalgo Island CrossingsLast month when the ornamental maples and dogwood were at their peak of color in Dave’s garden on South Fidalgo Island, Washington state, he took a series of nice close-up shots.

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