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A look back at New York City trees in holiday attire

red-light treesGillian from treeaware blog visited New York City over the holidays, and has a stunning series of photos of trees decked out in lights, “turning the streets into fairyland.” She also takes a look around Central Park, and throws in a couple of photos from February 2011 when it was considerably more wintry to show the contrast. Go look.


Solstice tree, Yule log

Solstice treeNorthern Christmas celebrations include trees in various different ways, and I’ve recently riffed on two of them in photo essays at my blog: “O Solstice Tree” and “Yule Log.”

Obviously these are far from the last words on the subject, so don’t be shy about submitting your own holiday tree posts. (What about the holly and the ivy, for example? Which trees are best for wreaths? And what’s the deal with mistletoe? Is there something about its parasitic nature which makes it an ideal icon for lovers?)

Christmas trees in the Canaries

German blogger and web publisher Dorothee Lang is spending the holidays on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, where, she reports, firs won’t grow, so some residents get creative with Christmas trees.

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