What’s a Blog Carnival?

A blog carnival is a recurring, theme-driven publication which congregates content from many sources in one place online.

A single issue of a blog carnival reads just like a great big blog post filled with links to many other blog posts (or photo galleries, or videos, etc.) that talk about the same subject.

The purpose of a blog carnival is to engage with the world wide community to celebrate subjects of common interest (in our case, trees and forests).

Much like a magazine or other periodical, blog carnivals are scheduled with a regular frequency. Many blog carnivals are hosted at a different volunteer blog each month. Blog carnival hosts provide space, editing, and flavor for each issue (and enjoy the benefits of new blog traffic, blog friends, and like-minded connections).

Need more information? Bora Zivkovic and The Nature Blog Network each provide further discussion for the question, “what is a blog carnival?”

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