Madronas in bloom

Fidalgo Island Crossings:

As I drive around the area, I am seeing Madronas blooming profusely everywhere. Along the Highway 20 corridor into Anacortes, the trees are revealed as giant clouds of white blossoms all along the roadway. I had never realized how many Madronas were growing there.

These are special trees to Pacific Northwesterners, and this year, they are really putting on a show for us. The Madrona (also called Madrone and Arbutus) has been correctly described as one of Nature’s works of art. The ‘Lem’s Cameo’ Rhododendron in the foreground of the photo is a Madrona relative.

About Dave Bonta

I live in an Appalachian hollow in the Juniata watershed of central Pennsylvania, and spend a great deal of time walking in the woods. My books of poetry include FAILED STATE: HAIBUN, ICE MOUNTAIN: AN ELEGY, BREAKDOWN: BANJO POEMS, and ODES TO TOOLS.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    As you, I love nature, especially trees.  I published a book, ABCs Up in the Trees: A Feel-Good Alphabet for All Ages.  It consists of alphabet letters naturally occurring in trees (mostly Live Oaks set on MS Gulf Coast just before Katrina.) Being a veteran elementary teacher, the text is positive  messages written in rhyming couplets.  Please check it out at the web address below and I hope you enjoy it (all the students, teachers, and parents I share it with say they look at trees totally different now which is a good thing, I think.)

    Thank you for all the great info you send out!

    Nina Adkins-Heider

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