Blogging about trees? Let be your megaphone!

tree climbing day by Antony Antony on Flickr

tree climbing day, by Antony Antony on Flickr

The most immediate practical result of the switch from a blog carnival, Festival of the Trees, to a community aggregator site is that there will be no more calls for submission. While we may occasionally post pleas for links at Twitter or on our new Facebook page, I expect that housekeeping posts like this one will be quite rare here on the main site once we get everything sorted out.

For this experiment to succeed, we will be relying on others to submit links using our online form. Please get in the habit of doing this every time you post about trees, or even if you just run across something cool on the web. This is the most important thing you can do support the site and help build community aroud tree-blogging. Beyond that, we appreciate links back to improve the site’s visibility in web searches. This benefits everyone, since we exist to drive traffic to your blog posts and webpages. (I hope to have new badges and buttons soon, for those who want to advertise us in their sidebars. If you have mad design skillz and think you can come up with a new logo, please get in touch!)

We would also like to add a few more people to the team. Familiarity with the back-end of a WordPress site (or a willingness to learn it) is a must, because basically what you’d be doing is helping to evaluate and post submissions. You’d also then be able to post tree-related links as you find them without going through the submission process. Email me at bontasaurus[at]yahoo[dot]com if you’re interested in getting involved at that level.

But really, to reiterate: what we most need at this point is for everyone who’s ever hosted or participated in the Festival of the Trees to make it a habit to share any and all new tree-related content here. We might not post quite everything, but I expect we won’t reject much, and it never hurts to submit. We have more than 700 followers on Twitter now, close to 200 email subscribers,* and I’m sure we’ll amass a comparable number of fans on Facebook. Please let us help bring readers to your site, and together, let’s build a bigger, stronger, worldwide network of people who care about trees!

*If you’re still subscribing via Feedblitz, our original system — that’s the one with all the ads — you might consider switching to emails. Use the form in our sidebar to sign up. When you do, you’ll have three options: a daily digest, a weekly digest, or everything in your inbox as soon as we post it. If you’re already subscribed through the new system and want to change the delivery frequency, click on “Manage Subscriptions” at the bottom of your latest email.

About Dave Bonta

I'm the author of several books of poetry, including Ice Mountain: An Elegy, Breakdown: Banjo Poems, and Odes to Tools, but my real work is at my long-running literary blog Via Negativa, where I'm currently creating erasure poems from every entry of the Diary of Samuel Pepys. I'm also the editor and publisher of Moving Poems, a blog showcasing the best poetry videos on the web.

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  1. Great idea -often post my own or see other tree posts that do not fit a given theme but are arboreal. Would be willing to help out back
    Happy tree year

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