Festival 65

Festival 65 at local ecologist comes to you live from the land of snow-broken trees, as we in the northeast of North America recover from a freak storm — another reminder that “global weirding” will be hard on trees and forests. But it wasn’t all gloom and doom among tree bloggers this month. Contributors to this edition share photos and stories of a forest of giant beeches in England, the oldest Banyan tree in Chennai, a mile-long allee of loblolly pines and live oaks in Louisiana, an Arkansas persimmon tree, and more. Go visit.

About Dave Bonta

I live in an Appalachian hollow in the Juniata watershed of central Pennsylvania, and spend a great deal of time walking in the woods. My books of poetry include FAILED STATE: HAIBUN, ICE MOUNTAIN: AN ELEGY, BREAKDOWN: BANJO POEMS, and ODES TO TOOLS.

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  1. This is a lovely edition. Thanks for featuring the grand banyan tree from Chennai, India.

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