Call for Submissions: Festival 62 at Beyond the Brambles

Host: Beyond the Brambles

Deadline: July 30

Email to: beyondthebrambles [at] gmail [dot] com — or use the contact form on our Submit page

Theme (optional): Lessons we have learned from trees

Important! Put “Festival of the Trees” in the subject line of your email

Close your eyes and consider: have you ever understood something more clearly because of a tree? From Beyond the Brambles our 62nd host Kate Natick asks each of us to share a lesson we’ve learned from trees. For the August Festival of the Trees you can tell us a story, share your latest research, or simply show us something you’ve just learned about a familiar tree where you live.

Don’t  think you’ve ever learned anything from a tree? Think again! Remember the first time you spotted a nest in a tree? Do you ever spend time with trees when things get difficult? Perhaps metaphors of trees help you to better understand the world or yourself? Maybe you’re a scientist who mines data from tree rings or pollen records to know more about the Earth?

If you’re not sure where to start, try a visit to the local arboretum, or perhaps contact your friendly local arborist to sign up for their next nature walk. Get out in the woods and discover what you may be overlooking! (Then share your treasure online and send us the link.)

About Jade Blackwater

Jade Leone Blackwater is a Puget Sound writer who prefers garden mud and forest duff over polite society. Hire Jade for copy and creative writing services, or peruse her stories, poetry and blog at Brainripples.

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  1. Friends,
    I am building a “Nature Blog” circle at my Google+ account. I would like to add you to the circle and follow your feeds. If you have a G+ account, send me your link. If you would like a G+ account invitation send me an email address. Use my contact form here:
    This is my young Google+ feed so far:


    • Hi. We’re not there yet, Dave — in part because we don’t have a dedicated email account for this site yet, and in part because I am wary about juggling too many Google identities (though that’s a lot easier than it used to be). I think I’ll wait until Google+ is out of private beta and we have a better idea of just how important it’s going to be. (I’m roooting for it!) Thanks for your interest in the FOTT.

  2. Okee-doke. You know where to find me if that happens.



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