Call for Submissions: Festival 52, Healthy Curiosity

Host: Kind of Curious
Deadline: September 28
Email to: kindofcurious2000 [at] gmail [dot] com – or use the contact form
Themes: All submissions welcome
Important! Put “Festival of the Trees” in the subject line of your email

oak apple gall face

oak apple gall

Festival of the Trees 52 will be hosted by John of the Kind of Curious blog. Issue 52 is open to all tree-and-forest-related submissions, so let your creativity (and your curiosity) be your trail guide.

If you need some ideas, why not try a little local discovery? Is there an arboretum, park, or preserve in your neighborhood which you habitually drive past and never stop to investigate? If so, take this call for submissions as your invitation to explore.

Want to trek a bit further? How about a visit to a farm in your region, or a hydroelectric dam? Tell us what trees are growing alongside fields and riparian zones where you live. And remember: you need not travel far for discovery! Challenge yourself to a daily visit with a tree near your home, school, or workplace, and share what is revealed.

About Jade Blackwater

Jade Leone Blackwater is a Puget Sound writer who prefers garden mud and forest duff over polite society. Hire Jade for copy and creative writing services, or peruse her stories, poetry and blog at Brainripples.

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  1. Blog for Festival of the trees

  2. Taake a walk along the side of our side roads and everyone will hear your approach. No sneaking up in dry weather when the poplars along side of quarry road are giving up their leaves without waiting for more than a hint of color of yellow to mark the autumn season It’s this darn dry weather. The grass is brown (though it is rapidly disappearing from sight beneath the onslaught of dry falling leaves). And they’re not even pretty. No shiney bright butter yellow surface for schoolkids to past in their leaf note-books. No, all the leaves that fall are crumpled and colorless, old before their time, letting the wind (and it has been VERY) windy herd them back and forth across the roads, Even the leaves that are not falling before their time, like the oaks & maples are not the colorful Autumn
    Leaves of song and poem.
    A dry season is a sad season, we’ve been cheated out of our annual display of color, the burning reds and ambers of October will have to wait another year. At least the trees are still alive though the under-story is another sad site. All the seedling that popped up so eagerly during the early summer have dried up without even bothering to shed and their unhappy remains litter the woodland floor. This is the kind of season that Hubby and all his muchroom-hunter buddies used to complain about. And as they complained the beer would flow and the drought would get even dryer as they compared various mushroom=less years. But they are gone now. The men from the old country and their sons, gone with the shattered remains of the deep covered forest that one covered this area. Several years ago the McMansion was introduced to local real estate and now it is only the drop in housing prices that have saved these remaining woods from extinction. Hubby and his buddies rest in their graves and perhaps they have found a perpetual muchroom grove that gives morels in spring and meadow mushrooms iaround Thanksgiving. I hope so. I hope all the McMansions are sold for their lumber and the trees will sneak back in and that this is the last dry autumn we will see in a long, long, time.

  3. Kia ora,
    My submission for the Blog Festival of Trees is submitted at the above blogspot. Hope it works.
    Ka kite ano,

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