Call for Submissions: Festival 44 Returns to the treeblog

Host: treeblog
Deadline: January 30, 2010
Email to: mail[at]treeblog[dot]co[dot]uk – or use the contact form
Important! Put “Festival of the Trees” in the subject line of your email

Madrona in snow (photo by Jade Blackwater)

Madrona in snow (photo by Jade Blackwater)

The February Festival #44 takes us back once again to the forests of the treeblog.  We last celebrated the Festival of the Trees at the treeblog with #32 in February 2009.  This year our host Ash welcomes tree-related submissions of all persuasions, so don’t hold back – get out into the woods, wander your backyards, or take a moment to talk to the tree outside your office building.  Then share your discoveries with us online and send our host the link.

Submit tree-related blog posts, podcasts, photos, videos, and other arboreal creations via email to mail[at]treeblog[dot]co[dot]uk, or use our handy contact form.  Remember to put “Festival of the Trees” in the subject line of your email.  Submission deadline for Festival #44 is January 30th.

Have you ever looked at this map which estimates the Global Distribution of Original and Remaining Forests on our planet Earth?  Combine that with a SWAG ball park figure from ClickZ marketing which estimates upwards of 250 million advanced internet users for 2010, and what do you get?  A whole lotta tree bloggin’, that’s what!!

So remember – the trees you share need not be your own! We encourage you to wander the world forests via the world wide web, and send us postcards (blog links) along the way.

Meet you at the treeblog!


About Jade Blackwater

Jade Leone Blackwater is a Puget Sound writer who prefers garden mud and forest duff over polite society. Hire Jade for copy and creative writing services, or peruse her stories, poetry and blog at Brainripples.

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