Call for submissions: Festival 43, the New Year’s edition

In the Jewish calendar there’s a holiday called Tu Bishvat, the New Year of the Trees, and it usually falls in late January or early February. But here at the Festival of the Trees, since we have a new edition on the first of every month, January 1 is our New Year of the Trees. And on New Year’s 2010, we’re very fortunate to have our celebration of all things treeish hosted by the consummate nature photographer Jason Hogle at his blog xenogere.

Jason’s going on a bit of a nature blog carnival-hosting spree, it seems. For example, if you happen to blog anything about birds in the next week, send him the link, because he’s hosting I and the Bird on December 17. Then on March 15 he’ll be hosting The Moth and Me, and on April 1, Circus of the Spineless, the blog carnival about invertebrates. To participate in any of these link-fests, the procedure will I believe be the same as for the Festival of the Trees: write a blog-post that fits the general description for the carnival, and email the permalink to Jason: jason[at]xenogere[dot]com.

The deadline for submissions to the New Year Festival of the Trees is December 30. You can send more than one link in the course of the month, but remember that it’s up to the host’s discretion whether and how many to include. We encourage supporters of the festival to send along any other treeish links they may encounter, and we don’t insist that everything be a blog post — photosets and online newspaper articles, for example, are also welcome. It always helps to include “Festival of the Trees” in the subject line of your email so the host won’t overlook it in his inbox. If it’s easier, you can use the Contact form associated with this blog to send your links, and we’ll forward them for you. However you get there, we hope to see you at our New Year’s celebration at xenogere!


About Dave Bonta

I live in an Appalachian hollow in the Juniata watershed of central Pennsylvania, and spend a great deal of time walking in the woods. My books of poetry include FAILED STATE: HAIBUN, ICE MOUNTAIN: AN ELEGY, BREAKDOWN: BANJO POEMS, and ODES TO TOOLS.

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  1. Thank you. I’m not jewish but am very intrigued by the new year for trees. I will try and get something in 🙂

  2. LOL! I hadn’t quite thought of it as a spree, but it’s funny that it worked out that way. Some of those were scheduled six months in advance, yet there they are piled up with everything else. Well, for me at least, you can never celebrate nature too much or too often.

    I’m looking forward to hosting the next edition of ‘Festival of the Trees.’ January 1 is good for more than just New Year celebrations. So as Dave said, please send me your submissions.

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