Festival #34 is up

Something marvelous is happening at The Marvelous in Nature. Seabrooke lives up to her reputation as a nature blogger who goes the extra mile in researching her posts, demonstrating in the process that facts are anything but dry if presented with a sense of wonder — and accompanied by well-chosen illustrations. Or as she puts it,

I started this blog with the intention of highlighting the marvelous in nature, all those amazing things that we so often just walk right by without noticing. There are amazing things about every single species that many of us don’t know. So for this issue of Festival of the Trees, I thought I would try to find an interesting fact relating to each of the posts. And then for even more interesting facts (and, in some cases, fiction), follow the links to learn more!

Check it out.

About Dave Bonta

I'm the author of several books of poetry, including Ice Mountain: An Elegy, Breakdown: Banjo Poems, and Odes to Tools, but my real work is at my long-running literary blog Via Negativa, where I'm currently creating erasure poems from every entry of the Diary of Samuel Pepys. I'm also the editor and publisher of Moving Poems, a blog showcasing the best poetry videos on the web.

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