Festival #23 – (Not Quite) 10,000 Trees

Kthulu beechSexy maples, enormous magnolias, the world’s oldest living tree, the death of a baobab, specular displays of redbud — these are a few of the arboreal marvels on display in the latest edition of the Festival of the Trees, hosted at 10,000 Birds. Complex conservation issues take center stage in several of the linked posts. For example, what kind of street trees are the best for wildlife, and are they also the ones that sequester the most carbon dioxide? Should the National Arbor Day Foundation be distributing non-native trees? And how can we help restore the endangered Atlantic Forest of Brazil? Ponder these questions and more at Festival #23.

About Dave Bonta

I'm the author of several small, odd books, including Breakdown: Banjo Poems, Words on the Street: An Inaction Comic, and Odes to Tools, but my real work is at my literary blog Via Negativa. I'm the editor and publisher of Moving Poems, a webzine showcasing videopoetry and poetry film. And I've been a dedicated if somewhat unorthodox homebrewer for more than 20 years.

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