Festival #19 is up

Millais and Solarised Winter Trees, Pimlico, London, 19 February 2007Happy New Year! Festival of the Trees #19 is a real holiday treat. Mull some cider, pop some corn and cuddle up with a warm laptop. Lorianne has gathered a forest’s worth of links for your browsing pleasure.

If you have a blog of your own, please consider posting about the festival (especially if one of your own posts was included). FOTT hosts work hard, and deserve all the links we can give them. And speaking of hosting, we’re still looking for a volunteer to take the April Fool’s Day slot.

Photo by Dr_John2005, used by permission. Click on the photo for more information.

About Dave Bonta

I live in an Appalachian hollow in the Juniata watershed of central Pennsylvania, and spend a great deal of time walking in the woods. My books of poetry include FAILED STATE: HAIBUN, ICE MOUNTAIN: AN ELEGY, BREAKDOWN: BANJO POEMS, and ODES TO TOOLS.

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  1. Lovely blog – the photo’s caught my attention (particularly Dr John’s 2005)

    Do you need anyone to offer up a photograph of tree(s) for I happily have one taken in Ibiza at night (really selling it to you, aren’t I? 😉 )

    Best wishes & forgive me – can’t help but jump in with both feet sometimes (even if not sure if my enthusiasm is correctly placed!)

    T – xx

  2. Thanks, but this is really just the nerve center for a blog carnival. If you’d like to share your tree photos, upload them to a blog or photo sharing site and submit the link to the hostess of the upcoming carnival.

  3. That is an amazing photo. The full-res detail must be incredible.

  4. I don’t know if it’s the original, but the largest file at the photographer’s Flickr site does have plenty of detail:
    Millais and Solarised Winter Trees, Pimlico, London, 19 February 2007

  5. Dats a CREEPY picture looks scary

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