Finding tree photos on the web

We never wanted Festival of the Trees to focus exclusively on blogs and blogposts. Most editions have included at least a few other sites, including the occasional photo set found at the popular Flickr photo-sharing site. Now, following a suggestion from Lorianne of Hoarded Ordinaries, I’ve started a new links category for tree photos in the left sidebar. There are a lot of tree-related photo groups at Flickr; I’ve picked what seemed to me to be the largest and/or most interesting of these, but if I’ve missed one that you think we should include, please let me know.

I encourage future FOTT hosts to scan through these Flickr photo pools and other photo-sharing sites and look for sets that might be worth including. Also, many of the photos on these sites are available for use under a Creative Commons licence, or may be reprinted with the photographer’s permission, so we can also use this linkroll as a source of illustrations for FOTT posts. Finally, those of us who already use Flickr to store our photos should consider joining one or more of these groups, and mentioning the Festival in the discussion section.

Photographers who store their work on the web should always feel free to submit their outstanding tree photos or photosets of the month to the FOTT. Text is great, but let’s face it — some people are more verbal than others. Trees themselves have been known to stay silent for very long periods of time.

The deadline for the upcoming edition is coming up soon, on September 28, so please send in your links.

Photo by don Javier (found on Flickr)

About Dave Bonta

I'm the author of several books of poetry, including Ice Mountain: An Elegy, Breakdown: Banjo Poems, and Odes to Tools, but my real work is at my long-running literary blog Via Negativa, where I'm currently creating erasure poems from every entry of the Diary of Samuel Pepys. I'm also the editor and publisher of Moving Poems, a blog showcasing the best poetry videos on the web.

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  1. “Trees themselves have been known to stay silent for very long periods of time.”

    Ha. You speak truth, brother.

    Thanks for posting links to the Flickr & other groups. Yes. There are lots of tree photos out there, and with fall foliage season approaching, the Leaf Peepers will soon be out in force, cameras at ready.

  2. Is this just photos, paintings and garden chat? I thought that you also posted poems by poets who see a tree in words. Words are powerful images and should be able to paint a picture of any living thing.


  3. Melanie – Yes, of course. Please refer to the About page for a detailed rundown of the kinds of submissions we welcome.

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