Call for submissions – Festival 11

Our host for the Mayday edition of the FOTT, Xris at Flatbush Gardener, wants to try something a little different. This edition will have a special theme, Trees in the Concrete — urban forestry issues and trees in urban and suburban landscapes. All tree-related posts are still welcome, but writing for this theme will greatly increase your chances of being featured in the festival post. Read what Xris says about it here.

Email your submissions to: festival (dot) trees (at) gmail (dot) com, or use the handy submission form at The deadline is April 29.

Photo by the Flatbush Gardener – full size version here.


We need volunteers to host in July, August and beyond. See here for more information about what’s involved.


If your blog or website has been featured in the Festival of the Trees, how about linking back to us? We will soon be pruning the list of participating blogs in the sidebar, just as you sometimes have to prune the branches of a yard tree, and one criterion for continued linkage will be the presence of a reciprocal link (either a permanent sidebar link, or a recent post linking to a FOTT edition).

UPDATE (April 9) – Note the reconfigured blogroll. We were happy to find that there are now enough blogs dedicated solely to trees or forests to justify a separate category. Because we want to draw attention to such blogs, please let us know of others we may have missed. A link back to the festival blog is not essential for inclusion in this category.

The “Recent Participants and Supporters” category is intended in part to reciprocate for sidebar or recent (last two months) links to this blog. We also appreciate links to the festival editions at their host blogs, but permanent, visible links to this blog are essential to maintaining the visibility of the Festival of the Trees. We also like to feature blogs that have included good tree blogging recently, though we reserve the right to be inconsistent in that regard. But if you link to us and are not included in the blogroll, please let us know!


About Dave Bonta

I live in an Appalachian hollow in the Juniata watershed of central Pennsylvania, and spend a great deal of time walking in the woods. My books of poetry include FAILED STATE: HAIBUN, ICE MOUNTAIN: AN ELEGY, BREAKDOWN: BANJO POEMS, and ODES TO TOOLS.

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  1. I was wondering what you were going to do about that sidebar – it’s WONDERFUL to see it growing as the festival evolves, but oh gramma what a big list you have!

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